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Community Lots: Newhaven Centre for the Arts

This journal is the home of my new Legacy, BaCC Newhaven and other Sims 2 activities, as well as an archive for my previous BaCC Forest Heights and story Repercussions (which due to computer issues will remain unfinished).

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Goodbye Legacy?

This is what has happened over the last two hours in my game.

I've been playing away, preparing the next update, everything is going really well, I may be biased but my heir is freaking adorable.

Hugo brought a community lot, a small bar, and got stuck there. Deleted him, that usually works. Nope. Now I can't even access the main legacy house. Move him in to another family, hopefully that sorts it out. Nope, interesting fact, now both houses are considered to be visiting the bar and I'm locked out of both. Also no one can visit said bar, which is a shame because this is all driving me to drink, so I figure my sims must feel the same. Install OFB patch. Everything remains borked.

Get yet another family to try and help out. Hugo moves in. Still can't access the community lot or first two residential lots. Decide to kill Hugo (temporarily of course), meaning deed to the community lot is given to another sim. Get said sim to sell it, which I figure ought to reset it in a big way and bring Hugo back to life at Izzy's house (good choice her being in paranormal).

Turns out I still can't access main house as there is a saved game at a community lot. Get Hugo to repurchase it and try to go there. Nope, can't do that either. Have Hugo move in Alexander to Izzy's house. Can do. Try and move in final member of household, which I apparently can't do because there is a damn saved game at the community lot.

I have patched, simblender-ed and testingCheatsEnabled true my heart out. And you would think I would have learned my lesson about making back ups by now but my last one is over a year old.

Facing a rebuild including an ridiculously expanded family tree (thanks Tricous), a legacy house, a holiday house and a Greek house makes me want to cry. And to be honest, I can't see it happening. That being said, my mind is already racing with ideas of how to turn this into a new chapter for the legacy, but would love your input as your feedback means so much to me and inspires me to keep writing.

I'm now going to have that drink!

Best laid plans...

Well, I had great intentions signing up for Myshuno, but the distractions of real life proved to be too strong. I can't say that is a bad thing though, as I actually just returned from a month long holiday in the United States :)

It was sad to see how few LJ updates there had been while I was away. Personally Tumblr will never be the same for me, I think the ability to 'like' a post instead of taking the time to comment (which I appreciate isn't always possible) has killed the sense of community that I have really treasured over the years.

This isn't a goodbye post, just a "back in my day..." post! I hope everyone is well and I look forward to catching up with what's been happening :)